Total Core 2 (Two) review | Home Ab Workout Machine with Fitness DVD

on July 30, 2012

Total Core Two home ab exerciser machine is the impressive abdominal exerciser that provides you a full, 360-degree, total core exercise in one simple and continuous movement, all coming from a comfy sitting position. It focuses on your abs, oblique muscles, and lower back simultaneously to help you to achieve incredible results in much less time. Total Core 2 works well with women and men, also it can be changed to any size and level of fitness. You will work the front of your core which includes upper abs, lower abs, and also side oblique plus lower back muscles and also back of the core, all at the same time. The Total Core is comfortable, lightweight, , yet precision constructed from top quality components created to last a life time. Total Core Two package includes monster band, basic exercise DVD, and advanced workout DVD with pproximate run times: Basic workout 7:12; Advanced workout 15:30

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